Warren Buffett’s Strategy, Selling Your Business, and Other Topics in Podcast Interview

I was interviewed recently by a very good business broker, Jim Cumbee of the Tennessee Valley Group.  I have gotten to know Jim this year as we worked on a transaction and we had a fun discussion about several topics including:

selling your business podcast

  • Lessons learned about selling your business
  • Warren Buffett’s strategy of being a different type of buyer than a strategic (meaning “competitor”), or a financial buyer (meaning “private equity”) and how my investment fund, Greybull Stewardship also is a different type of buyer
  • Importance of alignment among buyers and sellers on their objectives for the transaction
  • Discussion of a specific acquisition and how we crafted the transaction to meet everyone’s objectives

Selling your business podcast

The podcast can be found at this link: Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 17 with Mason Myers.  The 27-minute podcast explores my history with Greybull Stewardship as an investment partner through the seven deals I’ve put together so far.  It is also contains several stories about business sales and purchases. It tells about what’s been most difficult: understanding how to find the best fit for seller and buyer. If you like to hear stories about buying and selling businesses from two inquiring minds, take a listen.

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