Network of Experts to Support Greybull Companies

“There are always more smart people outside your company than inside your company.”
We are utilizing this idea in our strategy to assist our portfolio companies in Greybull Stewardship.
network of experts

 Network of Experts

As we think about the future of Greybull, we have been thinking about how to best help our portfolio companies — if and when asked to help.  The first piece of our philosophy is to create the environment for our CEO’s and management teams to do their best work.  Usually, that means getting out of their way.  Occasionally, a company requests assistance with an initiative, a project, or a decision.  When asked, we love to help.

 Assistance for our companies

Once asked, we are building a Network of Experts to assist with anything that a company may need in any function.  From Accounting to Sales, to HR, to Marketing, to Technology, to whatever, our goal is to have ideas and a way to bring experts to assist as needed.  We love this strategy because:
  • Every day brings more free agents, consultants, and independent folks who have world-class skills.  Some people predict that half of the workforce will be free agents by the year 2020.  There is a robust supply of high-quality individuals available to us.
  • High skills and talent.  Not only are there a lot of these people, they are talented and skilled.  Particularly with the ever-changing and ever-evolving skills required in business, this network will always have more skill and talent than could ever be built inside one investment firm.
  • It is efficient.  It reduces the overhead at the Greybull fund level, and it reduces overhead at each company.  Plus, it is efficient for portfolio companies so they don’t have to start their search for help from scratch.

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