Business Brokerage: Greybull Stewardship Makes Growth Investment in Murphy

My investment fund, Greybull Stewardship, has made a growth investment in Murphy Business Brokerage, the #1 business brokerage company in North America.  Murphy Business BrokerageThe press release about this investment can be found here at the Greybull Stewardship blog.  I am very enthusiastic about this investment for a few key reasons:

  1. Big Need for Quality Business Brokerage.  It is wise for business owners to get assistance to sell their business, and there is a need for quality business brokerage.  I see this every day in talking with business owners and brokers, and I am excited to help Murphy continue to set the standard for quality business brokerage.
  2. Murphy Brokers, as a Class, Are Clearly Number One.  IBISWorld named Murphy business the #1 business brokerage and my experience in talking and working with brokers solidifies this.
  3. Murphy Has the Best Services and Support for Brokers.  The training, technology, and other tools available to Murphy brokers are impressive.  It is getting better every day and even more so with our growth investment behind them.  It just makes good sense for brokers to team up to have the best resources available to them.  Ultimately, this helps business owners sell their business in the most effective way.

Business brokerage conference

Next week, I will be attending the Murphy Business conference in Clearwater and I am looking forward to meeting the Murphy team.

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