Cheers to the Greybull All-Star Management Teams and CEOs

I love the companies Greybull Stewardship has invested with and I love working with the all-star management teams running those businesses.  As we turn the corner into 2016, those are my overwhelming thoughts and feelings.
cheers to Greybull CEO's

 Greybull All-Star Management Teams

Here are some of the reasons why:
  • Working with wise, energetic partners is so much more enjoyable than managing employees.  Nothing against employees, but that type of relationship can be more tiresome for both parties.  I love that Greybull’s CEO’s and all-star management teams are smart, focused, responsible, and getting stuff done — real partners.
  • We complement each other well.  In a partnership, it helps to have clear domains of responsibility and expertise.  Many things are joint decisions and discussions, and it is also great when we all do not have to think about everything.  I love that I can bring my and Greybull’s expertise to our endeavors in some areas, and I love having the experts manage their business.
  • We created a lot of value in 2015.  During the year, we undertook many growth initiatives, tackled many challenges, had to evolve our businesses and thinking, and got stressed about many things.  It was a difficult year, and it was easy to get caught in the anxiety and responsibility of doing it all well.  When I look back on the year, it was worth it.  We grew our profits, expanded the moats around our businesses, and created value for Greybull.  That feels good.
  • I learn every week.  Because good partners bring unique knowledge and skill, I find myself learning every week.  I love that.  Every Greybull company has good tactics and strategies that are evolving and interesting.  Every industry is interesting.  I feel a little guilty to be learning so much from my partners. I hope they can learn a little from me as well.

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