Business Ownership – Best Time Ever

Business ownership, even with all the struggles and frustrations, can be a wonderful life experience. On top of that, today may be the best time ever to own a small or medium size business, says Scott Strauss of the USA Today. As part of National Small Business Week this week, Strauss makes the case for why owning a business today is better than all other times in history.

For the business owners I know, business ownership creates constant reflection about how the business is doing, how the business fits into the life of the owners (or not), whether owning the business is worth it, and more. In the daily hustle and bustle of  business ownership, it is easy to focus on the headaches and heartaches.

Every once in a while, it is also helpful to think about your business with a wider perspective. Strauss’ column did that for me and reminded me of the fun, the unprecedented opportunity, and the wide variety of life experiences that business ownership provides.

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